Serena Hotel to stage multicultural dance and theatre pieces


Serena Hotel to stage multicultural dance and theatre pieces

An evening full of entertainment and glamour beckons at Kigali Serena Hotel. Actors from Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Germany, and the Netherlands will converge this Sunday 26th January in an extraordinary speedy and provocative theater and dance piece in a performance dubbed Black Thought Now 

Rwandan actors Herve KIMENYI and Michael SENGAZI (members of the Comedy Knights) will meet the performer Gotta DEPRI from Ivory Coast, the Germans Hauke HEUMANN (actor) and Ted GAIER (musician) and Dutch legislation expert Thijs BOUKNEGT. Their quick-wittedness and free improvisation is unbeatable when they address delicate subjects such as the style of governance in their countries, panafricanism, the white future of Africans, coded political vocabulary, and constitution and reality contradictions all this becoming physical on stage.

In this new production performers constitute a chefferie/chiefdom dominated by self-confident bosses, chiefs and men of action. In fact one of Germany’s leading newspapers welcomed the piece which inaugurated Munich’s famous SPIELART festival last November (featuring Herve and Michael) as a felicitous opener in the energy and chaos mode African style.

The performance shall commence at 7.30 pm while entrance will be free.



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