GOETHE TAKES ITS MONTHLY DEBATE TO LYCEE DE KIGALIGoethe Institute, known for its regular public debates will, this Thursday 19th March 2013, involve two most reputable groups in another heated debate that will also engage the public to give their views. As usual entrance is free, but this time the audience will travel, not to at the usual location that is Kacyiru, but they will experience this battle of words at Lycee de Kigali in Rugunga.

For the past years, alcohol and cigarette consumption have been subject debated all over the world as countries such as Italy, Russia, Germany and most European countries take stiff actions to reduce its consumption in public. Also in Rwanda many restaurants, offices and public spaces have become no go areas for smokers. The question remains however, should advertising cigarettes and alcohol be reduced in Rwanda? This will be the topic of a dynamic debate between the debate tram from KIST (Kigali Institute of Technology) and ULK (Universite Libre de Kigali) who will enter the arena with well prepared arguments. After the battle of words pro & contra, the audience will be also invited to have its say and to elect the most performing team.



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