CYNTHIA BEING A BLACK MODELA Rwandan female model has described the experience of being a black model in Europe as “hellish” after saying she has been discriminated against many times just because of her skin color. Cynthia Umurungi (pictured above) said that several times she has been turned down at the expense of white models, whom she says do not have any special qualities or skills. Cynthia who lives and works in Denmark decried the lack of opportunities, saying it’s “really really hard” to make it there as a model.


“I have missed several opportunities and have had to do other part time jobs besides my modeling career because I don’t get enough chances as my white colleagues. If you know how Denmark is, then you know how black people are taken,” she said.


In a candid, frank and sorrowful voice, the tall, slim model pointed this out in front of tens of designers that included some from Denmark itself, remarks that drew an attention from those in the house, but quickly faded away. African fashion designers have more than often boasted to have an edge in fashion industry, a claim that stems from the fact that they have more ideas and materials to add an ice cap to their cakes.


The claim that black models do not get enough opportunities in Europe and America however was almost a complete new story to young and aspiring girls who want to make it in modeling industry, especially those who go to look for greener pastures abroad.





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